Tour Israel - First Class Travel  es una compañía dinámica que provee servicios de turismo y viaje a clientes en Israel y fuera de ella.  La compañía se formó cuando dos guías turísticos identificaron el vacío que se formó con la aparición del Internet y decidieron combinar sus esfuerzos para proveer a nuestros clientes todos los servicios que pudieran necesitar estando en Israel en viaje de negocios o de placer.

 Nosotros mismos  diseñamos y escribimos nuestras propias páginas  inclusivamente fuimos los primeros en Israel con una página web y  aparecemos en todos los motores de búsqueda en primeras páginas desde 1991 hasta hoy.


Desde el comienzo 1991 nuestro lema era siempre que hay que dar 110% a nuestros clientes  y por eso intentamos guiar nosotros mismos a todos los clientes.  Cuando no es posible guiar uno de nosotros siempre está disponible para resolver problemas y responder a preguntas o ayudar con todo posible.  Solo empleamos guías oficiales profesionales  y seleccionados propiamente por nosotros para garantizar plena satisfacción de nuestros clientes. 










Zvi Harpaz -  Gerente y Dueño


Zvi  es uno de los socios que fundaron la compañía y además de guiar, es nuestro piloto (tanto de helicópteros como  aviones) y se encarga de todos los aspectos de turismo aéreo y de sus operaciones. Zvi habla  perfectamente Hebreo, Inglés,  Español, Francés, Portugués y también Chino Mandarín,  guiando en estos idiomas.  Desde 1989 Yiyo individuos y grupos para varias organizaciones entre las cuales están:  La Sexta Flota americana, el Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores - División de visitas oficiales,  Iglesia Universal y otros.  Zvi ha guiado a Reye,s Embajadores, Presidentes, Jefes de Estado,  Ministros,  Actores y varios más.

Zvi tiene un B.A en Estudios de Israel y un B.Sc en  administración de aviación.




Shalom es  un veterano guía en Israel.  Graduado de la Universidad Hebrea en Jerusalén y guiando y administrando empresas de turismo desde 1973.  Además de guiar, Shalom se ocupa en mantener constante contacto con hoteles, balnearios y compañías cuyos servicios nosotros compramos asegurando que nuestros clientes reciban precios excelentes donde vayan. Shalom  también escribe casi todos los itinerarios y responde a los pedidos de cotización.


Shalom Wiser - Socio y Dueño 





  • Zvi was an exceptional guide. His expertise ranged wide, from the sites to the culture, including Israel history and the Bible, both old and new testaments. This was especially important for a Christian church group who wanted all that information plus time for worship and prayer. Zvi made sure we had plenty of opportunity yet he also made sure we were able to visit as much as possible in the time we had. Zvi was friendly, funny, and dedicated to making our trip the best it could be. Would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for an excellent guide!




  • The Best Guide Reviewed April 22, 2014

I was on a choir tour of the Holy Land which also included a choir festival. I met Zvi Harpaz on this tour who thoroughly explained the historical and biblical significance of each site. He was able to explain in several languages what we were seeing and was always available for questions. Two years later, I planned a tour for my church group and asked for Zvi Harpaz. He can focus tour experiences based on the type of group he is guiding. When one of our tour members had a wallet stolen, Mr. Harpaz (through his local connections) was able to retrieve the wallet (and contents) within 45 minutes. I highly recommend this talented and very informative guide.

James Person


  • Larry – I am more than happy to share with you my experience with Shalom. In a nutshell, he is a fantastic guide.

I made two vacation visits to Israel; each was slightly more than two weeks. The first occurred in May/June of last year (with my girlfriend), and the second was in December (with one of my daughters and her boyfriend). The May/June visit was when I first met Shalom.

Shalom was uniformly helpful and friendly. I would choose the sites to visit for each day, and he would accommodate what we wanted to do and make it happen. He was always affable and supportive; we felt comfortable around him without exception. We relied on his knowledge base and resourcefulness, and he consistently came through. There wasn’t anything I did not like.

I intend to go back to Israel for further visits, and will ask Shalom be our tour guide again. (In fact, I will probably schedule the visits to make sure he is available to be our guide.)

I hope this is helpful. Have a wonderful experience on your trip. 

Barry Kasoff


Realization Services, Inc.


  • We met Zvi Harpaz 19 years ago when we came to Israel for the bar mitzvah of our youngest son. Zvi served as our family's private guide, providing us with the time of our lives and many wonderful memories. His wealth of knowledge of Israel, his easygoing manner and sense of humor enhanced what was already an experience of a lifetime. This year, my husband and I were fortunate enough to be able to return to Israel, and did not hesitate to call upon Zvi to guide us through the country. Zvi is more than a tour guide but a friend who goes the extra mile to ensure that your trip is a success.

            Sharon Gendler



  • Marla Williams            January 28 at 6:03pm

           Thanks to Shalom for showing us this amazing country and orchestrating                  our daughter's beautiful Bat Mitzvah in Jerusalem on 12/29/14.

           There is no better way to tour Israel!

            The Williams Family


  • Amazing Tour, Exceptional Tour Guide Reviewed April 8, 2014

Zvi Harpaz is someone I will never forget. Charismatic personalities, witty humor, and extensive knowledge are all qualities that anyone would love in a tour guide but seldom get. With Zvi Harpaz, you get all that and much, much more. He was an incredible tour guide for my church group of about 85 people. There was not a single complaint amongst our team, and many people have already told friends back home that if they ever go to Israel, look up Zvi Harpaz. Best tour guide I've ever had and most likely WILL ever have.

Joseph Hanchinamani




  • Great Guide In Israel Reviewed April 14, 2014

Zvi was a great guide for us in Jerusalem and the Dead sea. He is fluent in many languages and was able to make our trip even more special. Very resourceful and patient, very important since we had a small child with us.



  • Ms. Hirschler,

 Shalom is an excellent tour guide!  I have taken three trips with him, and he enhances the meaning of the trip through his knowledge and personality.  He knows all of the areas that I requested, and is extremely accommodating.  I cannot say enough good words about Shalom.

 I hope that you enjoy your family trip to Israel, and the time with your daughter!

 If you have additional questions, please feel comfortable contacting me.



  • Dear Paul,

How exciting it must be for you to be making your first trip to Israel. I love the country and have been back many times.

My first trip with Shalom Wiser was 30 years ago when I took my family to Israel for my daughter's bat mitzvah. We spent 2 weeks with Shalom and had a wonderful trip. My children, now obviously adults, still speak about their trip. After a divorce I planned a trip with my new wife. I was going to contact Shalom, but my wife wanted a "fresh" start and asked that we get a new guide. We used our new guide for a number of return trips. On the last of those trips he asked if I had remember mentioning Shalom Wiser and showed me that he was sitting in the same room. We renewed our friendship then. This past year (my wife passed away 3 years ago) I was planning a return trip with my new companion and contacted Shalom to be our guide this time. We were in Israel for 2 weeks. I tell you all of this for background.

Just about anyone you speak to who has been to Israel will tell you how fantastic their guide was and highly recommend him. The reason is that they are all outstanding. Guiding in Israel is a profession and to have a license and get it renewed the guides must continually take continuing education. However, I believe that Shalom is the most knowledgeable of those I have had contact with. There is no doubt that I will use him again on my next trip. This was Marsha's first trip to Israel (other than a day when she was on a cruise) and she was overwhelmed. She says that he was like being with a walking encyclopedia. She is already telling all of her friends that there is no one else they should use.

You will not feel any danger, threat or concern in your travels. I feel safer in Israel that I do here in York, PA. In fact, in out small town of York there have been more shootings this year than in the whole country of Israel. You feel that security your first day there. There were no extra charges other than admissions to various sites and Shalom advised me on how to purchase the right and economical package for our itinerary. He was flexible with our wants, easily modified the schedule to accommodate us (I'm 70 and Marsha 69) and was aware of our stamina.

I look forward to hearing about you experience and highly recommend Shalom.


Leon Butler


  • My Dear Friend,

Arrived in NY.  Waiting for flight to Dallas, TX.  No words can adequately express our heart felt appreciation for all you did for us.  You are an amazing individual.  We were not lucky to have you as our Tour Guide, we were blessed.

Keep in touch and we will too.

Ben Dickerson.


  • Shalom

Thank you so much for the past three days - we really enjoyed getting to know Israel better through your immense knowledge - sorry we did not end up going to the independence hall but I think the kids would not have appreciated it - we may try and go see it before we leave.  Thanks again for everything and feel better soon.

Neil, Stacey, malaika

And Nikita